Pastor Adeniyi Nosiru Osisanya
Pastor Adeniyi Nosiru Osisanya was born and raised in a Muslim family. He was saved and became a devoted Christian through the help of Holy Spirit. He is Founding father of Peace for All Ministries (PFAM) Detroit Michigan in the United States of America, which he has been pastoring since its inception in 2005.
Prior to his call to ministry, he worked in various insurance companies in Nigeria. Among them is NEM Insurance PLC, where he resigned as an assistant manager. He has devoted member of Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) in Lagos Nigeria from 1995 till he was ordained as one of its pastors in the year 2000.
He moved to the United States of America in 2001 as Holy Spirit directed. On his arrival, he met an organized Christian fellowship, that he helped to transform to become a branch of Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) and designated to be its pastor. During his pastoral service in MFM, he was able to organize a crusade in conjunction with other brethren, which was attended by Pastor Olukoya, the General Overseer of MFM Lagos, Nigeria.
Pastor Adeniyi Osisanya is a dynamic man of God and committed to fulfilling the call of God in his life. He was called to start his own ministry with the divine anointing to preach deliverance to mankind and to liberate them from all forms of satanic bondage. His entire life and ministry are centered on the words of God. He is happily married to Christiana and blessed with three children.


Peace For All Ministries
PFAM was founded in 2005 under the anointing of Pastor Adeniyi Osisanya. The first meeting held at Northwest Activities Center had 55 persons in attendance, the church moved to 16190 Meyers Road, Detroit Michigan 48235 August 2005.
By the special grace of God, PFAM got a property in April 2008 that is being renovated as the permanent church site. The location is 18000 James Couzens, Detroit. Peace For All Ministries is an interdenominational ministry devoted to impacting the Peace of Jesus Christ to all people of different background and delivering souls from every form of captivities, physical and spiritual embarrassment through the power of prayer and deliverance ministration.
The vision of Peace For All Ministries as handed to the Pastor is to bring peace to troubled hearts, to liberate souls by the power of aggressive prayer and deliverance, to build up formidable prayer warriors, and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to nook and cranny of the world. This has been the centerpiece of our activities since the first day of our ministry.




The Bible advises us to continue in fellowship with other believers. There is a reason for that! It edifies is, keeps us accountable, makes us more transparent and unplugs us from our secluded self-centered lives. We learn to share, invite-in, commune and interact with other believers. 




We are givers at heart and we model that in our lives. We do not believe in creating a mega church with lots of beautiful buildings and facilities. Rather, we believe in giving back. A healthy community is ripe to hear God’s Word. We invite our members to give to any of our community programs on a regular basis. 




If you attend Peace for All Ministries and there is no spiritual growth in your life, then we did something wrong. That is why it is very important to us that you take away real-life application not just spiritually, but for your family, finances and all areas of your life. God is our source of joy and our Deliverer.